Center of Excellence

Kenya ICT Board Center Of Excellence(COE)

Given the importance of the BPO/ITES industry for employment of youth in Kenya, the Government of Kenya is keen to take up a focused BPO/ITES skills development initiative in close collaboration with the industry.

As part of this initiative, it is proposed to establish a Center of Excellence (COE) for BPO/ITES in partnership with leading Kenyan/Global BPO/ITES companies and the Kenyan Academic Community. The Center will impart training to Kenyan trainers in order to prepare them for training a large number of students for employment in the BPO/ITES industry. The vision for the Center is that it will eventually become a regional training hub for the BPO/ITES sector catering to training needs in the Africa region.

The Centre will operate on a partnership model. The proposed model can be summarized as follows:

  • The Centre of Excellence will host the training of trainers as an umbrella institution for industry collaboration, and manage the partnership. Criteria will be developed to select an appropriate Centre.
  • Leading Kenyan and global BPO/ITES companies/consortia will provide Master Trainers to train according to the curriculum, content and pedagogy agreed upon by the consortia. It is noted that the content should be of high quality, relevant to market needs, and should be the same content that is used by participating companies/consortia as part of their own training programs related to their core BPO/ITES businesses. Each of the participating companies/consortia will be required to certify trainers and students on the successful completion of training. Such certification should ensure that trainers and students meet international benchmarks of performance. The criteria for selection of participating companies will be developed by the consultants.
  • Universities and middle level colleges will provide faculty for training as trainers and will also run BPO/ITES training programs for their students using trained trainers.
  • The Government of Kenya will provide funding support for establishing the COE, and will meet the cost of sourcing content, training trainers and administering the training and certification process.

The specific objectives and scope of this project are:

  1. To select one Centre of Excellence (COE) by the 31st of March 2011
  2. To select five Centres of Development (CODs) in Kenya to collaborate with the COE by the 31st of March 2011
  3. To develop a curriculum to be used in the training of trainers and students by the 31st of March 2011
  4. To Select Five full-time faculty members to run the COE by the 31st of March 2011 - these will be from within the COE and from other partnering academic institutions and private sector
  5. To train 5,000 students year on year
  6. To Develop a business plan to guide the efficient running of the COE by the 15th of June 2010